November 26, 2007

I’ve spent most of my time playing drums (Montag, Odes, JZ Barrell, Semi-Gloss). Sometimes I’ve played bass (Deformo, Eva Haze). I was always writing songs of my own. In 2001, I started recording to a digital 8-track. Recently I’ve graduated to recording on the computer. I play and record everything myself.


The American Book of the Dead by Ash Tree

See Treeash Music & the Treeash Music Blog.


"Will Oldham meets Kurt Cobain meets good old fashioned American songwriting with the truth heard only from the home-recording machine" Music Magazine (Sweden)

Review at Splendid E-zine

"You're not going to be lining up to catch Ash Tree at some crazy over-hyped show at Mercury Lounge in the immediate future but then that's not what this is about. This is just good, honest music." Ear Farm

Featured on NPR's Open Mic

"I can hear his up and down moods swinging like a metronome inside the melodies, and detect razors of regret, the pump of a busted heart, and even the rippling heat-glow of sexual as well as other present and future tensions. Strangely, all this agita makes me feel good – if only for the moments I’m listening, but that’s what it’s all about, right?...And boy, are the lyrics clever … without ever being ponderously over-crafted or quirky to a fault. They demand that you listen through to the end." Myspace Music Review

Read my book notes for my novel, North of Sunset, at Largehearted Boy

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